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2017 Women in Law enforcement fundraiser with Nancy Frawley, Julie Novak, Betsy Bourne, Holly Cole and Rosemary Allison

2017 Women of Law Enforcement Fundraiser

There is nothing more powerful than women supporting women and in this case, it is the women of Ventura County supporting the women of the Ventura County Sheriff’s Office.  The event was held at a private residence and guests raised a significant amount of funds to benefit leadership training for the women of VCSO.
Thank you to Glenn Grossman for the pictures.
With much gratitude,
Christina Conley, VCSF Board of Directors
Marlene Dean
Bestsy Bourne
Holly Cole
Barbara Cornwall
Jill Dobbs
Susie Herrera
Jacqui Irwin
Monica McGrath
Dianne McKay
Sgt. Julie Novak
Liz Platts
Capt. Denise Sliva
Commander. Cheryl Wade
Our event was made possible by the generous support of our Sponsors:
Elise Kearney
Loretta Scott
June Lovell
Guests at fundraiser Sheriff Dean and Marlene Dean Appetizers by Marlene Dean Chair, Christina Conley and guests