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Reserve Deputies at awards dinner

Annual Reserve Dinner

On May 12, 2017, we recognized those who volunteer to serve our county with VCSO at the Annual Reserve Dinner.  Did you know that Reserve Captain Abbas Paymard has been serving for 30 years or that Reserve Sergeant Kevin Bernzott has clocked in over 1,429 hours – amazing!  Thank you for volunteering your personal time to make our community safer.

Recognition of VIPs and Coordinators: Captain Jeff Miller

Recognition of Reserve Program: Captain Jeff Miller

Over 500 Service Hours:  Reserve Sergeant Rick Hurtado 530 Hours and Reserve Captain Abbas Paymard 545 Hours

Over 1400 Service Hours: Reserve Sergeant Kevin Bernzott 1,429 Hours

5 Year Service Award: Reserve Deputy Steven Barrett

15 Year Service Award: Reserve Deputy Joseph Lee

20 Year Service Award: Reserve Deputy John Brown, Reserve Deputy Dan Battung, Reserve Senior Deputy Clive Crook

30 Year Service Award:  Reserve Captain Abbas Paymard

Reserve of the Year 2016: Reserve Sergeant Rick Hurtado