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Hero 911 Porsche

Commissioned Art to Commemorate the Rusnak Porsche Hero911

David Alpern, Deven Hitchens, Keith Goldberg, Commander Rob Davidson with Katie, Cheylee, Kim and Richard Bradbury

On October 7, 2020, the Ventura County Sheriff’s East Valley Station was gifted an original rendering of the Porsche Hero911 by local artist, Deven Hitchens. The drawing was commissioned by Cheylee Bradbury (19) and Katie Bradbury (16) whose father, Richard Bradbury founded the Car-ona Cruise in Simi Valley.  

The drawing was to commemorate the Westlake Rusnak Porsche Hero911 being driven throughout the county to draw attention to the Ventura County Sheriff’s Foundation’s capital campaign, The Sgt. Ron Helus Training Facility. 

The Car-ona Cruise is a Simi Valley based group of car enthusiasts who created an alternative auto experience under the current Covid social distancing that our county has been under. Every Saturday night, up to 200 cars drive a pre-determined route throughout Simi Valley where residents cheer on the parade of vehicles. On October 10, 2020, the Porsche Hero911 will lead the group.

Materials used were Copic markers, Derwent colored pencils and white ink pen on Bristol paper.

The piece will be replicated in limited numbers and offered to the public.  Each print will be numbered and signed by the artist, Deven Hitchens.

Deven Hitchens