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Building community partnerships to enhance public safety in Ventura County with the support of individuals, families and businesses.     

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Showing gratitude to our local heroes

3rd Annual Coppers and Choppers Event - Overwhelming Success


Thank you for coming out and supporting our local heroes at the 3rd Annual Coppers and Choppers.  We had the largest attendance ever! The Sheriff took the Gratitude Cards you signed and had them hand delivered to each station.  Check back for posts of our pictures – you can view some on our Facebook and Twitter pages.

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The Ventura County Sheriff’s Foundation is entirely funded by generous contributions and support from our members. We are a qualified, non-profit organization under 501C (3) of the Internal Revenue Code, which means that your donations qualify as tax deductions. All money contributed goes directly to the Ventura County Sheriff’s Foundation’s programs and operations, and stays in Ventura County.

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